Angerona and Iuppiter

Few know it, but the Goddess Angerona is closely connected with the Jupiter Child, the same venerated in Anxur (volsco name of Terracina).
In ancient Rome, during the Divalia of December 21, solar rites for the solstice took place at the same time as the saturnal celebrations and the mysteries of Angerona were applied, which connect silence to the predestined birth of the Sun; In Terracina celebrated as a Iuppiter child (Iuppiter Anxur). The connection between Angerona and Venus Libitina is also fundamental (it is in the temple of this goddess that the shrine dedicated to the lady of Silence was kept). In turn, even Libitina is connected to the death of the Sun (December 21) and to the awareness of its certain rebirth (December 25 dies natalis Solis Invicti). In all this, the presence of a shrine dedicated to Venus at the temple of Jupiter Anxur has thrown into crisis archaeologists who begin to launch various hypotheses which, lacking the knowledge of Tradition, distance them from understanding the real connection between Venus and Jupiter as a child.
The same mysteries, once reconquered, Pietas kept and celebrated in the Sanctuarium Pietatis (where the temple of Jupiter was erected) faithfully adhering to the sources and ancient logics.