Hymn to the Sun

On the night of December 24, we wait for the arrival of the day when the Sun will be reborn as Invictus (Undefeated)
On the morning of December 25 all Gentiles will praise the Sun.
Everyone can honor the rising star by reciting the Praise to the Sol Invictus (Undefeated Sun)

Praise to thee, oh radiant Sun winner of the cold winter, fertilizer of the cold earth, powerful, undefeated, destroyer of darkness, I pray thee!

Listen to me oh blessed one, all-seeing eternal eye, titan of golden light, Iperion, Lux coeli, by you in you generated, indefatigable, to all eyes the object of delight!

On the right thou are begetter of the aurora , on the left of the night, mitigating the seasons, dancing with quadrupets’ feet

Fine racer, sibilant, fiery, shining charioteer, Thou who direct the path by the revolutions of the infinite rhombus, Guide of the pious man to beautiful things and violent with the impious;

Thou with the golden lyre, enthralling the harmonious race of the cosmos, who indicate the good deeds, Child who nourish the seasons, Lord of the universe, flute-player, of fiery race, who turn in a circle, bringer of light, of changing forms, bringer of life, fruitful Paian, ever youthful, pristine, father of Time, immortal Zeus;

Peaceful, bright for everybody, cosmic eye who circles everywhere,

Thou who set and rise with beautiful shining rays, indicator of righteousness, lover of the rivers, master of the cosmos, protector of loyalty, ever supreme, help for all, eye of Integrity, light of life;

Oh Thou who drive the horses and with the sonorous whip guide the quadriga: listen to the prayers, and show the pleasing life to the pious initiates!